Thread Lift

Get the results of a traditional Facelift without invasive surgery or significant downtime. Thread Lift is a specialized non-surgical cosmetic treatment that gives a more lifted, sculpted look to the face and noticeably decreases the signs of aging. During a Thread Lift procedure, dissolvable sutures are strategically threaded into the face. The threads have small hooks that pass under the skin through the use of micro needle through tiny incisions. They are then pulled gently upwards, to elevate and lift the skin to turn back time – instantly!

This procedure can address a number of problems: mid- and lower-face drooping, sagging eyebrows, loss of facial volume or structure, deepening fold lines between the nose and mouth, jowls, and loose skin or excess fat in the neck. In CosmoMed we use SILHOUETTE, 6D and PDO threads depending on the treatment area, where some threads textures might work better than others or a combination of threads may be used.

Thread Lift is also used for raising your nose tip and bridge to create a slimmer and straighter nose. We also provide Lip Thread Lift procedure which can sometimes be combined with Dermal Fillers to add a plumping and contouring effect.

Fox Eyes

The fox eye lift is designed to lift the outer corners of your eyes and the edge of your eyebrow to create the fox eyes look. The treatment is quite simple – using dissolvable suture threads to give your face an edge and a bold look that will turn heads everywhere you go! Over the coming months, the threads will stimulate your body’s collagen production, creating a lifted appearance that’s completely natural.