CosmoMed Dentistry involves the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of conditions, disorders, and diseases affecting the teeth and gums, as well as maintain the function and appearance of the teeth. Our highly professional dentistry team of general dentists, cosmetic dentistry specialists, prosthodontists and implantologists will work with you to develop a customized dental hygiene plan that incorporates dental examination, teeth cleaning, possible tooth scaling, X-ray, and use of other diagnostic equipment to prevent, uncover, or treat problems as early as possible.

Our Dental Services:

  • Fillings, root canals, and extractions
  • Crowns, bridges, full and partial dentures
  • Complete exams, x-rays, and dental cleanings
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Preventive care and periodontal therapy

Cosmetic Dentistry

CosmoMed Cosmetic Dentistry offers the most advanced cosmetic dental procedures within a luxurious atmosphere that creates the most relaxing dental visit experience for you. Our professional dentists are specialized in smile makeover and they are up-to-date with the cosmetic dental revolution. We offer the ultimate cosmetic dental care to make you smile with confidence.

Teeth Whitening

Get a brighter smile instantly!

With Philips Zoom Whitening technology, #1 in the world, your teeth will get whiten up to eight shades in 45 minutes in just one visit. Philips Zoom Blue LED light-accelerated technology and gel whitens rapidly while Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) helps deliver enamel protection, improve luster and reduce sensitivity. After your treatment, you can get Zoom take-home tooth whitening kit to help you maintain the results that you got after the whitening session.

Hollywood Smile

We use the very finest Swiss and German veneers that give you that perfect smile that you’ve always dreamed of. Our eMax veneers creates natural, perfectly white and flawless smile.
eMax veneers are ultra-thin pressed porcelain-ceramic that are incredibly strong and resistant to fracture. These features allowing little or no preparation (drilling) of the tooth surface. The translucency, opalescence, and light diffusion properties of the eMax are masterfully adjusted and custom made to replicate the structure of your natural tooth. You will be more confident about your incredible smile and showing your pearly white teeth that look natural and attractive than ever.

Gum Bleaching

Gum Bleaching, also known as Gum Depigmentation, is a cosmetic dental procedure that is designed to remove dark spots on the gums. Healthy gum tissue will typically appear pink in color; however, in the case of gum depigmentation, abnormally high amounts of melanin can cause dark spots and patches to appear on the tissue.

Our dentists use the most effective, minimally-invasive and safest procedures that produce permanent results, which is done in combination of Dermabrasion to remove the top layer of gum tissue and Laser ablation to breakdown the melanin pigment in the gums. Our techniques dramatically improve the appearance of gums. The time required for the procedure depends on the concentration of melanin. The new layer of tissues revealed after the treatment are lighter and pink in color and more natural looking, to give you a healthy beautiful, confident new smile.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the efficient comfortable treatment option for dental procedures. We use laser technology in treating hypersensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease and gum reshaping. Laser dentistry causes less damage to the gum which shortens the healing time.

Waterlase Laser Dentistry
Our Waterlase Laser Dentistry technology promises the most comfortable and pain-free experience without drills or needles. It is a safe and gentle alternative to traditional dental tools. Using laser energy and water spray to perform many procedures. Waterlase removes very precise amounts of tooth, without damaging or cracking the rest of the tooth. And because it is so precise, you will rarely need anesthetic! It is also an effective technology to remove crowns and veneers in 5 minutes or less.


You don’t need to be worry here. Lumineers are ultra-thin shells where it doesn’t require removing or shaving any part of your natural tooth before fitting the Lumineers. Lumineers can treat a range of problems related to tooth imperfections, restructuring the teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing shape, colour and alignment. During the consultation, you can choose the colour of the Lumineers to match the rest of the natural teeth, or you can choose to create a whiter look for all your teeth. Lumineers can be used also to cover gaps between the teeth which is an alternative to orthodontic treatment.