Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) is an advanced hair restoration technique uses your own blood to effectively prevent hair loss, stimulate new hair growth, and enhance the recovery and results of hair transplant surgery.

PRP contains growth factors that stimulate the development of new hair follicles and improve the health of existing ones. Eclipse PRP is a proprietary system that we use in CosmoMed which is based on blood separation according to density using a unique separation gel. The system allows for the preparation of pure platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with optimal platelet concentrations and cellular content.


Mesotherapy is a hair loss treatment, which works through providing the scalp with boost of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory compounds to improve blood flow for hair regrowth. Mesotherapy makes your hair follicle grow faster and survive in long run due to active blood circulation.

Mesotherapy is a tailor-made treatment of hair loss, where each patient requires differing ratios of nutrients compounds. This hair loss treatment stimulates the middle layer of the skin, nourishes the hair follicles with the customized solution. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which creates a healthy scalp to support healthy follicles.

Dermapen with Stem Cell

Dermapen with Stem Cell is an amazing treatment for patients with thinning or balding hair to help repair and revive hair follicles. We use Stem Cell Hair Regrowth Serum a cutting edge science with over 350 growth factors for optimal results. The growth factors in the hair regrowth serum will nourish the stem cells lining the hair follicles that are crucial for production of hair. Deep penetration of these growth factors improves the overall condition of the scalp, rejuvenates damaged hair follicles for an effective, natural approach to create thicker, fuller-looking hair. Applying this serum with Dermapen allows you to receive 300% more product penetration for maximal benefit. Dermapen also stimulates collagen and elastin production. Prior to the procedure, we will examine your scalp with a microscope to identify dormant follicles and thinning hair and target those areas during the procedure.