Dermamelan Peel

Dermamelan Peel utilises key organic acids in removing and suppressing melanin which are the cells that cause pigmentation. It is an excellent procedure to address all types of skin pigmentation disorders such as: Melasma, Freckles, Age-spots and Sun-spots. Dermamelan treatment is dramatically effective and involves very little downtime. It is an express depigmentation treatment that is effective in all types of pigmentation problems, even in resistant cases that have failed all other types of treatment. We provide a combination of in-clinic treatment and a complete home-care kit consists of specialized creams that you will need to apply in the morning and at night.

Treatment with dermamelan® consists of two phases which ensure a long lasting and efficient result, due to the effects of the professional treatment being prolonged by the care at home. By making the melanin blemishes disappear it achieves a lighter, more luminous skin.